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 Sally is a best-selling Author of 14 cookbooks, including her gluten-free cookbook “From My Kitchen to Yours”.

 Sally operates a small cooking school in the idyllic Derwent Valley in Tasmania and she is passionate about creating nutritional, additive free food from fresh, seasonal produce




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Welcome to the “Little Book of Slow”.  Co-authored with ABC producer and playwright Paul McIntyre, this book encourages us to give consideration to a more relaxed lifestyle, for no matter how short a space of time.

In today’s busy world and its associated pressures, we can sometimes forget to take time for ourselves, to enjoy simple pleasures, which in the past would have been taken for granted.

Paul’s section of the book relates to pastimes, such as growing indoor plants, writing a real letter to someone, playing cards and rediscovering board games and the like.

For my section of the book, the focus is, not surprisingly, on food.  Basic, very easy,  yet delicious recipes are provided so that your cooking can be relaxed without any fear of failure.. A person’s own creativity can be applied to these recipes with confidence, and there the fun begins.

There are also chapters that give suggestions for preparing a High Tea, for who does not like to entertain or be entertained in such a lovely way?  And certainly it need not be complicated.

Similarly, cooking over a campfire – something as simple as toast or damper, or marshmallows on a stick, and of course, billy tea.  It provides a perfect situation to sit around and chat.

The underpinning theme of the book also relates to inter-personal connection – spending just a little really special time with friends and family, taking some time out from the fast pace of life.

Paul and I really hope it provides the Little Book of Slow provides the encouragement and incentive to do so.


Until next time…Sally


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