A/Prof Antigone Kouris

Antigone Kouris

A/Prof Antigone Kouris is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 30 years experience as a clinician and researcher. She is passionate about food and cooking, in fact she nearly
became a chef instead of a dietitian!  She conducted pioneering research on the Mediterranean diet and longevity in the 1990s, has over 45 published papers, has co-authored 7 university text books and 3 of her own books (including a cook book of ‘Mediterrasian’ dishes).
She is particularly interested in gut health, diabetes and vegetarian nutrition. She is an advocate of pulses, especially lupin, due to its potential in improving the gut microbiome and in lowering blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. She is currently working at La Trobe university teaching dietetics and conducting research on the Mediterranean diet and lupin  enriched foods.

Recently she turned her expertise to the development of lupin and spelt based cookies after being dared by one of her patients to develop healthy low sugar cookies!  See more about Antigone’s Skinnybik cookies at www.skinnybik.com.


You Are What YoCookbook Kouris luluu Cook, by Dr Antigone Kouris, is a Wellness Cookbook containing 80 easy to prepare healthy recipes for the family using Mediterranean and South Asian flavours. Many of the recipes have been adapted from traditional Greek recipes and made healthier by reducing the calories, fat, carbs and many are naturally gluten free. Therefore most recipes are suitable for weight control and for people with diabetes, high cholesterol and coeliac disease. Recipes have been developed by Dr Kouris using knowledge gained from her Greek mother and mother-in-law, her research on the Mediterranean diet and the latest nutrition research, especially on preferred cooking methods (more stews less grills) and use of herbs and spices (especially oregano and turmeric for their anti-inflammatory properties). The book includes a simple guide for a preferred weekly menu and a ‘plate’ guide for food portions. Click here to purchase a copy.