Featured Vegetable: Sweet Potato

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Sweet PotatoSweet Potatoes are a long, large tuberous vegetable, with smooth skin that can be white, red, golden or purple. Known for their delicious sweet flavour, sweet potatoes can be white, yellow or deep orange flesh which can be either dry or moist.

With their flesh ranging in colour the nutritional value can vary also between varieties. They are a good source of energy providing between 297 kJ and 320kJ/100g, are an excellent source of fibre providing approximately 3/100g and are a good source of Vitamin E. They are also a very rich source of Alpha and Beta Carotene and retinol equivalents a precursor for Vitamin A (which is a fat-soluble vitamin which helps maintain normal reproduction, vision and immune function).  They provide almost 70% of an adults daily RDI for Vitamin C in just 100g. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is important in boosting the immune system, promoting wound healing, assisting nerve and brain function and may assist non-haem iron absorption as much as fourfold!

Sweet Potatoes belong to the sprawling vine called morning glory and prefer a tropical climate with long hot summer months to encourage strong growth. They can be successfully grown from cuttings of healthy plants or by carefully removing a healthy sprouting root from a growing plant.

Sweet potatoes are delicious for both sweet and savoury dishes, including sweet potato scones, barbeque or roasted sliced potato, potato bake, soups, cakes or biscuits. Try them sliced, diced, baked whole, mashed or sautéed!  They do discolour when peeled so peel just before cooking, or place in cold water with a little lemon juice.

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